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1. What is Audi Event Club?
Audi Event Club is a web-based entertainment access program for eligible Bank Audi cardholders, offering access to some of the best international entertainment events and experiences.
2. What does Audi Event Club offer?
What does Audi Event Club offer?Audi Event Club is a web-based entertainment access program for eligible Bank Audi cardholders, offering access to some of the best international entertainment events and experiences:
  • Gain access to different entertainment experiences such as concerts, musicals, plays, movie events, sports events and much more
  • Buy your event instantly online;
  • Gain access to tickets for major sport events at preferential rates;
  • Enjoy an exclusive discount (up to 10%) on event tickets sold through Audi Event Club.
3. Who offers the events for Audi Event Club?
1BoxOffice Services offers the event tickets found on Audi Event Club; 1Boxoffice Services is a leading entertainment e-commerce company offering sports and music fans the possibility of getting closer to their favorite teams, players and artists by watching them live from any venue in the world
4. As a Bank Audi cardholder, do I need to sign up or open a Audi Event Club account?
In order to benefit from the Audi Event Club packages, you need to create an account. Once created, you will need to login to place your order. Simply visit to check out our new offers.
5. Must I pay a fee to enter / gain access to the Audi Event Club website?  
There is no fee to gain access to Audi Event Club since the website is free-of-charge to all eligible Bank Audi cardholders.
6. Will an extra fee or charge per ticket be incurred when purchasing tickets via Audi Event Club?
The fees associated with the tickets represent the services performed by 1Boxoffice for the provision of tickets and for granting access to the events. The price represents 1Boxoffice’s provision of a premium ticket service for international events through its worldwide ticketing network. There is no extra fee or charge per ticket when purchasing tickets via Audi Event Club. The price published on the website at the time of purchase represents the final price of the ticket.
7. Do I need to be a Bank Audi cardholder to buy from Audi Event Club website?
While anyone can view the offers on the Audi Event Club website, only Bank Audi cardholders can purchase the tickets and have access to the offers. This service is exclusively offered to Bank Audi cardholders and using any other payment card issued by another financial institution will not be accepted and the booking cannot be processed.
8. Which Bank Audi cards qualify for Audi Event Club?
All Bank Audi cards (debit or credit) allow you to access and buy from Audi Event Club.
9. Is there a limit on the number of event  tickets a Bank Audi cardholder can purchase?
Ticket limits per show varies by event and venue. Kindly read the offer details carefully to establish the ticket limits for that particular event.
10. What if I buy a ticket/package and then change my mind, will I be able to return it?  
Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the performance is cancelled. If a performance is cancelled, you will be offered seats at any rescheduled performance (subject to availability) up to the face value of the ticket(s) purchased. If the ticket holder is unable to attend the rescheduled performance or the performance is not rescheduled, a full refund of the tickets face value will apply. The charges incurred for obtaining this ticket as well as the charges related to the services performed by 1Boxoffice Services will not be refunded.
11. Can I get another ticket if I lose mine after I receive it?
The duplication of tickets is strictly prohibited. We, therefore, recommend that you keep your ticket in a safe place once you receive it.
12. If my ticket got stolen or if I did not use it due to force majeure reasons, will it be refunded?
Refund of the tickets face value will only apply if a show was cancelled (except football games) or when customers are not able to attend a rescheduled event. Some Event Providers generally prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.
13. What happens if a show gets cancelled and I have already bought my ticket?
On rare occasions, an event is postponed or cancelled. Although it is not in our hands, we will try to inform you promptly. However it is your responsibility to check with the event venue or local media to ensure that you arrive at the correct time and on the correct date. If an event is rescheduled, tickets will often be valid for the new date and you will not in any circumstances be entitled to a refund for a rescheduled event. In case the event is cancelled permanently, we will request a refund from the event organizer. Excluding football matches which cannot be refunded in all cases. If the organizers of the event do offer a refund in the event of a cancellation, to be entitled to a refund you must send to us (via a secure and traceable courier service) the original tickets purchased and within the time frame communicated to you. In that case, only the original face value of the ticket will be refunded as services of obtaining the tickets by 1Boxoffice Services would have been fully filled.
14. In case of cancellation, is there a possibility to return the money to my Audi Event Club account?
The refund will be applied to the Bank Audi Card used to make the purchase
15. How can I receive my tickets?
Event tickets are usually delivered to your Hotel delivery address, the evening before the event date. The delivery is made by local courier services or by 1Boxoffice Services’ delivery agents by hand. Please make sure the delivery information provided is correct (hotel name, hotel address, booking name under which the room is reseved) as 1Boxoffice Services will not be responsible for incorrect addresses.
You should always inform the hotel reception or concierge desk that you are expecting a delivery. Some hotels refuse to accept deliveries for unknown guest names, so you need to make sure the name you have provided is the same to which you have used to reserve your hotel room.
1Boxoffice reserves the right to deliver tickets up and until the day of the event via its venue representatives (i.e. in some cases a venue collection is applied which means that customers may pick up their tickets from the venue directly)
16. Will I receive my ticket by email? Can I print it?
Some tickets are delivered via email, as some event organizers have e-tickets options. In such cases, you will be able to print out your e-ticket which grants you access to the event.
17. What if I have not booked a hotel yet or decided to stay at a residential address?
If you do not have the hotel details yet, you can still place your order and submit the hotel details at a later stage. In order to ensure delivery this must be done 3 working days prior to the event date at most.
If done after this date we may arrange a venue pick up for your tickets. Our customer service team will stay in touch with you and to ensure safe delivery of your tickets.
In some cases we will set a central pick-up spot, for customers who have no hotel reservations or their hotel is located outside of the event city. You will receive the full pick-up details by e-mail, if we have to arrange a venue pick up for your tickets. When we say "pick up at the venue or venue collection", you still need to get the full instructions from us as to the exact location and time which we will communicated to you by email and over the phone.
Depending on what kind of ticket you have purchased we can deliver to any type of address. However if you have purchased tickets that will be in the form or an “Electronic card” then we will only deliver to a hotel address in the event city, as we will need to collect the “electronic cards” back from you after the game. Alternatively we can arrange a meeting / collection point at the venue on the day of the game.
18. I have received cards and not paper tickets for my event.
You have received member season cards or electronic cards, which you will have to use to scan at the gate of the stadium to gain entrance. Prior to receiving the electronic card (member’s season card) a member of our staff would have contacted you making you aware of the use and the safe return for the electronic cards. If you require additional help please contact the 1Boxoffice team.
19. The cards I have received have different names on them?
The names that are on the cards are of those of the original owner of the member’s season card. As some events are strictly members only we have provided you with membership cards of members that have decided not to attend. These cards do not belong to you and you will have to return back the cards after the game. Full instructions will be provided to you in the delivery envelope and sent by email for your review prior to delivery.
20. How do I find my seat location if I have received members season cards?
Each card should have printed details of your seat location. If there is nothing printed on the cards then on a separate sheet of paper, which will be included in your delivery envelope will have the seat location for each of the cards received. If you require additional help please contact the 1Boxoffice team.
21. What if I received my ticket carrying wrong information or different than the one I bought on Audi Event Club?
Once you receive your ticket, you are kindly asked to double check it upon delivery as mistakes cannot be rectified at a later date (max 24hrs after Delivery time). If by any chance you receive a ticket different than the one you have purchased, you are urged to contact 1Boxoffice Services immediately and the ticket will be replaced where a 1Boxoffice Representative will replace your ticket with the corresponding one.
22. Can I ask for an upgrade at the time of the purchase on Audi Event Club web site?
Event Tickets are purchased the way they appear on the website. No upgrade can be made directly on the Audi Event Club Website If you wish to upgrade or amend a booking, please contact 1Boxoffice Services and they will guide you throughout the process.
23. I haven’t received my tickets and the event is in one day. What shall I do?
The delivery method and time is communicated to you once the ticket purchase has been completed. In the event where the ticket delivery was supposed to be received one day prior to the event and the ticket was not yet received, you are urged to contact 1Boxoffice Services immediately. 1Boxoffice will track the delivery by contacting its agents and will inform you of the exact delivery time in that case.
24. Can I modify my mailing address after a transaction has been performed?
Any change in the address, or contact details should be communicated to 1Boxoffice Services to avoid delivery delays or delivery to a different address.  1Boxoffice Services holds no responsibility if you fail to update the company with any change in the address or contact details.
25. How can I contact 1Boxoffice Services?
1Boxoffice Services can be contacted from Monday through Friday from 9 am till 5 pm using the following contact details:
Tel: 01-987644
For additional information regarding online purchases from 1Boxoffice Services on, you are urged to read the terms and conditions or contact 1Boxoffice before placing any order as you will be assisted throughout the whole process.